We have received more orders for machinery in Australia. The recent busimess trip is proving to be a great success.

We have also been contacted by other customers in Australia for information on our ranges of machinery 


We are also looking to arrange a machinery conference in Sidney later this year to meet existing and new customers. We will have some of our suppliers attending the conference to showcase their machinery ranges.


If you are interested in attanding the conference or would like more information on our machinery and aftersales service please contact our sales department. +44 1274 306060 sales@rhplastics.com

TECHTEXTIL 14-17th May 2019

SMRE 330

SMRE 330 conveyor plotter


SMRE will be exhibiting on two stands at the Techtextil 2019 show on the 14th-17th May 2019


Hall 3.0

Stand B38

Hall 4.0



There will be various machinery available to see and RHPT will have their staff on stand


We look forward to seeing you


If you would like more information please contact our sales department on +44 1274 306060



We have received an order for a SM-321-TA tarpulin welder from one of the UKs Leading tarpaulin manufacturers. The machine can produce curtains in 20 minutes and can also weld vertical and horizontal webbing as well as anti vandal webbing and steel rope.

For more information of the macihne please contact our sales team on 00 44 1274 306060 sales@rhplastics.com



We have recently been on a business trip to Australia visiting several customers and suppliers and we can advise that we have received our first machinery order for this region. The machine is a 2nd user ZD4N auto tuned 4kw machine with impulse welding. We are also in discussions with several other companies in the region with projects for other machines.

We are also in discussions with a technical support company we visited in Sydney regarding localised technical support. The installation, technical and on line support will be supplied by our technical department until an agreement is made.

 ZD4N Foot welder 

We have supplied machinery and support to companies globally over the past 40 years with activity in the following areas:

USA: Machinery and technical support

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Technical support

MEXICO: Technical support

CANADA: Technical support

EUROPE: Machinery and technical support 

TURKEY: Machinery and technical support

SWEDEN: Machinery and technical support

IRELAND: Machinery and technical support

SOUTH AFRICA: Machinery and technical support

INDIA: Machinery and technical support

EGYPT: Macinery and technical support

TAIWAN: Technical; support

SAUDIA ARABIA: Machinery and technical support

UNITED ARAB EMMERATES: Technical support

INDONESIA: Machinery and technical support

NEW ZEALAND: Macinery and technical support

AUSTRALIA: Machinery and technical support

The range of machinery we supply covers many industries and both small and large companies have purchased simple machinery to complex multi head production lines.

We will be more than happy to discuss projects large and small with companies globally, no project is too small or too large


For further infformation contact our sales and technical departments +44 1274 306060



      We have a new ZD4N 4kw footwelder in stock the features of this machine are

  • Auto tuning of the power output
  • Adjustable 4kw output 
  • Parameters of the tool welding can be set, stored and recalled
  • Inspection panels have safety switched limiting access to live componets
  • CE regulated
  • Complient to the CEMFAW 2016 regulations

The advvantage of this equipment is in the auto tuning of the power and being able to store and recall multiple tooling welding parameters. Once the tool welding parameter has been set the power is automatically controlled to the set parameter. This means that there will be no adjustments throught the day. On machinery without auto tuning the operator has to adjust the weld power and time due to the tool being cold in the morning and warming up as the welding continues. This can lead to weak welds due to lack of power or overwelding. The auto tuning keeps the set power the same throughout the day.Once the welding parameters have been set and stored these can be recalled at a later date.


If you have an interets in the machine please contact our sales department on 00 44 1274 306060 


ZD4N 4kw foot welder

SM-330-TA conveyor plotter available

We have in stock a SM-330-TA conveyor plotter which has been on demonstration at our factory in Bradford West Yorkshire. The machine has worked less than 30 hours and is in a new condition.

Specifications of the machine

Conveyor belt working area: 3200mm x 3000mm

Roll stand with multiple positions

Edge control of the materials

Tools fitted on the machine:

Drag Knife

Pizza Cutter

Hole Punch

Laser Pointer

The machine can be seen in full operation and we can carry out testing of customer materials.

We are also offering a great deal on the machine as well as options for payment.

If you have an interest in the machine or would like to discuss the details please contact our sales department on

Tel No: 00 44 1274 306060

e-mail: rhplastics.sales@btconnect.com


SM-330-TA conveyor plotter

SM-330-TA roll stand



Radio Frequency Regulations CEMFAW 2016


On the 1st of July 2016 the Control of electromagnetic fields at work came into force, {CEMFAW}. Which covers machinery and devices using Electromagnetic fields. It is a requirement that customers using these types of machines/devices follow closely the CEMFAW regulations.

Please find links below to the documents that refer to the regulations which will advise further on the requirements.

With regard to Radio Frequency machinery there is a requirement to have the machinery checked, (typically on a yearly basis), for electromagnetic field emissions to ensure the operators setters etc are working in a safe working area. This is a legal requirement.

We have been carrying out Radio Frequency emissions checks for the past 20 years with testing equipment that is designed for the task, which are  calibrated to the required specifications.

We also offer advise and rectification of issues on machinery as well as seminars for companies wanting to offer training for their staff

If you would like a quotation for the RF testing or for the training seminars contact our sales and technical departments.  

Copy these links to go to the government site to download the documents 




New Radyne 35CW machinery in stock

We have recently added machinery to our 2nd user stock which will be available for delivery in approx. 3-4 weeks time. The machines will come with a 3 month parts and labour warranty and will be full tested.

There are 3 Radyne 35CW machines which are now becoming very hard to find so I expect these to be sold very quickly.

Two HFD 10 kw up and over shuttle welders

HFD rotary 4 station

 All of the machines will be fully tested and will be checked for EMF emissions. They will also receive a certificate which is now required by the new health and safety regulations

We can offer rental options and well as staged purchase plans.

If you have an interest in any of the 2nd user machinery please contact our sales office 

RHPT achieves BS EN ISO 9001:2015 accreditation

RHPT are delighted to have achieved certification to the updated BS EN ISO9001:2015 standard in December 17.  We have been certified by TUV to the ISO standard for close to 20 years.

RHPT adopted the ISO9001 Quality Management System as it provided a framework to improve performance and enhance the way in which we supported our UK and International customers in both sales and service support to achieve customer satisfaction and assurance of product conformity. 

We are proud to maintain our approval status.  

For more information on RHPT please contact our head office on +44 1274 306060


New plotter from SMRE SM-400-TA

SMRE have launched a new style cutter with Ultra Sonic cutting. The machine is perfect for materials requiring sealed edges as used on roller blinds.

SM-400-TA machine 



SM-400-TA Ultra Sonic cutters 



Link to SMRE web page


 You Tube video link below


Please contact our sales team for more information

0044 1274 306060 

Major SMRE sale in the north west

We have installed a large flat bed plotter in Liverpool area. The machine was supplied from SMRE of Italy and carries on the success of SMRE machinery in the UK marketplace.

Link to videos:


The machine has a number of features such as

  • Drag knife
  • Pizza cutter
  • Laser pointer 
  • Roll stand with edge control for rolls up 1000Kg
  • Re reeling system to re reel cut products

We have also other similar machinery near Liverpool with laser cutting technology

Come and see the new SM-330-TA conveyor plotter at our Bradford factory the machine has been purchased and is on demonstration.

Please contact  our sales team on 00 44 1274 306060


SM-330-TA in stock at RHPT

 We have in stock at our factory in Bradford West Yorkshire a new SM-330-TA conveyor plotter machine. The machine has a table size of 3200mm x 3000mm and comes with a multiple roll stand

We have purchased this along with other manufacturers equipment to offer demonstrations of the machinery as well as material trials on customer materials. Below are links to the SMRE web site as well as to the SM-330-TA web pages 

If you would like to see this superfast, (up to 80 mtrs per minute), state-of-the-art machine, please contact our sales team on 00 44 1274 306060

or e-mail rhplastics.sales@btconnect.com 


 Link to web site



 Links to you tube videos




SM-330-TA front side view

Texprocess show Frankfurt 9-12 May

From May 9th through 12th SMRE and RHPT will participate at the Texprocess show in Frankfurt, Germany 

SMRE will present its fabric cutting, welding and gluing solutions for speciality fabrics with special attention to their new high speed cutting machine with conveyor belt technology SM-330-TA 

We will be in Hall 4.0 booth C83  

We look forward to meeting you 





GEAF AT THE Dusseldorf K 2016 show

It is a great pleasure to inform you that GEAF company will be present at next exhibition K2016 of Dusseldorf

Our booth will be inside Hall 11 at position H42

During all 8 days of the show will be present with Mr. Bardiani and Mr. Pedrelli of commercial staff and we will exhibit an high frequency welding machine for production demonstration.


The HF welding machine exposed will be model SEP 45-55/8, the main technical characteristics are:


·         1 manual tray with locking system under the press

·         Pneumatic press swan neck frame

·         Moving upper plate size 450 x 550 mm size

·         Upper plate conditioned with water circulation (optional)

·         Fixed lower plate

·         Quick pneumatic tool change system

·         High frequency generator 8 KW output power (integrated inside press frame)

·         Power switch from touch screen

·         PLC with touch screen

·         RF switch (optional)

·         Auto-tuner (optional)

·         HF voltage verification directly on tool (optional)

·         Dedicated QC software with cycle data extraction on USB key (optional)

·         Conditioning unit (optional)


Example of use:

·         Laboratory welding machine for validation of new products

·         Production machine with fast setting for production of small batches of products


Production demonstration during the show of :

·         Feeding medical bag in extruded EVA tubular film (welding of tubes and periphery in the same cycle)

·         Mobile phone pocket in Lamina 3800® ECO (flocked soft PVC foil) produced by Dimontonate Floccati S.p.A.


It will be a pleasure to welcome you and your guests in our booth during the show, and explain more in details the machine working, as well as all recent new special machines designed from GEAF company.


There are over 500 plus Thor machines with the older computers fitted, many can have issues with the computer boards due to the age of the machines.

 We have stock of boards for the:-

Stepper  system

I/O boards for 22,24 and 25 range machines

CPU boards for 22, 23,24 and 25 range machines

 Machine types 

22: Up and over shuttle

23: Side to side shuttle

24: In-line

25: Rotary

The boards in stock are second user but have been tested for correct operation

 If you are looking for technical assistance with issues on any of the machines mentioned  please contact our technical department on 00 44 1274 306060 sales@rhplastics.com




SM-330-TA stems from the symbiosis of superior control systems, a very robust machine structure and components, and precision mechanics. Developed for high speed continuous cutting of patterns or series of patterns of infinite length, SM-330-TA will streamline your production processes and deliver exceptional productivity, outstanding efficiency and high quality cuts.

With a top speed of 80 meters/minute and an acceleration up to 1G (10m/s²), high precision industrial cutting tools and a series of specifically developed software programs, SM-330-TA is a cutting solution for specialty fabrics and industrial textiles unlike any other on the market.




New SMRE website


new SMRE website. A place where you’ll keep informed about the global manufacturing solutions: Welding, sewing and cutting world. An opportunity to interact, engage and support on real-time users and professionals.

By means of the blog edited by SMRE’s team, this website wants to be a channel of information and discussion with dedicated and technical posts, where to discover high-tech industrial machines.

R H Plastics Technology has won in our 2016 UK Cor

R H Plastics Technology has won in our2016 UK Corporate Excellence Awards 

Followingmonths of research and judging by our in-house research team, we’re delightedto announce that R H Plastics Technology has been named a winner in Wealth& Finance International’s UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2016.

The‘2016 UK Corporate Excellence’ awards were launched to acknowledge thesuccesses and continued brilliance of companies of all sizes. Whether singleoffice firms, or the largest of international conglomerates, we recognise thework that often happens behind the scenes and away from the public eye.

Weaim to showcase the leading corporations within the UK. The Brexit has set themarket into a state of panic, stock prices have come tumbling down and themarket is more volatile than ever. This awards program is here to shine a lighton corporate leaders and highlight the best in business; companies that areadapting to market demands, utilising new technology, showing innovation,expertise and professional acumen across the areas in which they practice. R HPlastics Technology has been recognised as one such company.

Thor 723 7 kw double shuttle machine


G.E.A.F. srl

We supply machinery from G.E.A.F. srl one of the leading manufacturers of medical and automotive machinery in the World. GEAF srl machinery is used to manufacture colostomy, ostomy, fluid, urine and blood bags. Also, medical pressure mattresses. Also, in the automotive industry heel mats, sunvisors, car covers and more...  We not only offer complete project management and support but also an excellent care package from educating our customers to great service and customer sup...port, breakdown cover, technical advise and after sales care.

If you are in the medical, automotive, packaging, stationery and banner and awnings industry or you know someone then maybe we can help

Please find below a short video from G.E.A.F. srl


SM-325-TA compact conveyor plotter


Here is a video of the SM-325-TA compact conveyor plotter with multiple layer belt for XXL patterns:


The SM-325-TA is a great, robust machine that is not just easy to use but also great value. 

 For more information and up to date industry news join us on Twitter @RHPLASTICS or e mail us at sales@rhplastics.com  

SM-200-SA Stationery head welding machine


The SM-200-SA is a simple, but very efficient fabric bonding machine with fixed welding head. SM-200-SA is equipped with a choice of two different bonding technologies: Rotosonic (ultrasonic) bonding or Hot Air welding. In order to optimize the bonding or welding job, an easy and user-friendly touch screen shows a choice of working parameters such as welding speed, welding temperature, welding start and stop time, adjustable according to the material being processed.

 Here is a link to a video:




Radyne 3.5kW footwelder



We have a 2nd user Radyne 35cw foot welder in stock. This machine is in a fantastic condition and can be seen in full operation at our factory. This Radyne 35cw foot welder is very likeable due to its robustness and great welding capability for the banner, tarpaulin and many other industries.....

If you would like to book an appointment to see the machine in full operation or have any questions please contact our sales team on 01274306060 or e mail us at sales@rhplastics.com and ask for Mark.

SM -100-CA w/automatic rewinder


Fantastic machines that give you so much more, click on the link to see the new SM - 100 - CA from S.M.R.E. Engineering:


If you would like to know more contact our sales team on 0044 1274306060 or e mail at sales@rhplastics.com 

25th Anniversary of RH Plastics Technology 1991 -

RH Plastics Technology is celebrating 25 years helping customers find the right solutions for their projects. We are proud to have helped so many friends and customers over the last 25 years.

We look forward to the next 25 years and we also look forward in helping our customers old and new in the future.

If you would like to be a part of our company or have any questions regarding machinery please contact our sales team on 01274 306060 or e mail us sales@rhplastics.com 

Machine move in Europe


RH Plastics has been heavily involved in projects around the world and this time we have helped a company move a Hamer machine from Belgium to the south of England. The machine is a huge complex machine and was high on a mezzanine floor so it was very difficult to move and break up, but in the end we found the right solution to move it and used a crane and a lot of communication to get the job done. This is just one of the activities we are able to assist companies with and we look forward to our next challenging project.


If you need help moving a machine or need technical assistance please call our sales team on 01274 306060 or e mail us sales@rhplastics.com

Geaf 30kW twin station rotary for sale


This Geaf second user twin station rotary machine with safety guarding, hydraulic press and 30kw generator can be seen at RH Plastics Technology.

The machine is in storage and was de commissioned by RH Plastics Technology engineers and was in a full working condition prior to de commissioning

The machine can be supplied as seen or can be refurbished with a warranty.

It is not often a Geaf machine of this type and quality comes onto the market and we expect high interest in this machine.

If you are looking for a quality machine for your production then look no further

For more information contact our sales department on 00 44 1274 306060 or e mail our sales team at sales@rhplastics.com

The Installation of S.M.R.E. Engineering SM-375-TA

We have recently installed a SM-375-TA Multiple tool static bed cutting plotter for technical fabrics at Service Graphics. The machine was delivered, installed and ready to use in less 1 week and RH Plastics Technology carried out the training for the operators. This machine is just one of many that have been bought by companies in the UK looking for a professional and easy to use system. The customer was looked after by RH Plastics Technology and we look forward in supporting Service Graphics and all our other customers in the near future.

For more information on this machine or any other please click on this link http://www.rhplastics.com/manufacturer.asp?id=smre where you will find more information and videos showing these machines in action. If you want to speak to our technical sales staff please contact us on 0044 1274 30 60 60 or e mail us at sales@rhplastics.com


New machine for continuous production of duct pipe


S.M.R.E. developed a new multiple roll bonding and cutting machine (SM-450-SA series) for the production of underground ventilation pipes in heavy PVC. The machine creates pipes with variable diameter up to 3,0 m and infinite length used to transport fresh air into mountain tunnels.
The PVC jumbo rolls with weight up to 1.200 kg are unwound by 3 motorized unwinding stations with edge control (automatic correction of the roll position) and digital dancers for total fabric tension control. The unwinding stations are perfectly synchronized with the feeding speed of the fabric into the machine to guarantee a very high quality of the seams even on great lengths. Fabric that is not used is led back towards a motorized rewinding station and rewound to be reused.
Three A-fame folders pre-fold the fabric into pipe shapes.
The fabric is then led underneath a tool bridge with 3 hot air welding heads that weld the fabric into a single pipe of variable diameter. Simultaneously a double row of U-strips with eyelets are welded on top of the pipe by another 4 welding heads.
Four bridges secure easy access to all welding and cutting tools during the production cycle and allow real-time small adjustments without interrupting the production.
At the end of the cycle a last A-frame folds the pipe in two. Finally, a custom made fan-folder places the finished product in a box ready to be stocked or shipped to the customer.
The machine, with a footprint of 16 x 27 m, was designed to be operated by 2 operators and is able to manufacture up to 2.100 m of duct pipe in a single 8 hour shift.

SMRE machine delivered and installed


Brand new SMRE machine delivered, installed and working with one of our valued customers. The machine is an SM - 375 - TA and has a multiple tool static bed cutting plotter for technical fabrics.


Here is a link to SMRE Corporate YouTube channel where you will see a video of the machine in action at SMRE Engineering's head office in Italy.

For more information contact the RH Plastics Technology sales team on 01274306060


New office and factory for S.M.R.E.


S.M.R.E Engineering continues to grow. The company is a leader in the development and manufacturing of high technology machines for industrial production. The new building is in Montecastelli and will allow the company to almost double its previous size from 2.900sqm to 5000sqm. The area will be dedicated to high precision metal processing and will also house the new Electronics and Software Units ( a recent acquisition now integrated in to the S.M.R.E. Group ) and the company’s activities in the alternative mobility (Green Tech ) 

Contact RH Plastics Technology sales team on 01274306060 for more information.


GEAF Carpet welder available

We have recently purchased a 30kw heel mat 2nd user GEAF machine. The machine is deigned to weld car mats onto car carpets

The machine can be refurbished or supplied as seen

If you would like more information please contact our sales department on

00 44 1274 306060  








SMRE have recently been to the R & T show and have had a fantastic response to their range of machines

 You can see the rage of machine on the manufacturers page or visit the SMRE website www.smre.it


SMRE have added heavy duty machinery pages to their web site.

The pages include machinery for:-






You can see more information on the link below 



We have installed a large SM-360-TA plotter cutter in London

The machine has laser, Oscillator, drag and pizza cutting capabilities. The machine has been designed for leather cutting and is proving to be a great success





SMRE sales have continued to increase in the UK with several major sales received over the past months

The addition of a new factory build will allow the SMRE company to build more machinery and also improve their showroom facility 


We have some new machinery arriving for demonstration in our factory and we are looking to move some of our 2nd user machinery, please check on our 2nd user pages

If you see machinery that you have an interest we will be more than happy to discuss the purchase, delivery and installation and also aftersales service. 

Please contact our sales department for more information 

01274 306060 


SMRE have just launched their new web site http://www.smre.it/

It features all of the machinery they produce with films technical specifications and on line brochures.

Check it out and  if you see any machinery of interest we will be more than happy to assist 



We have sold more SMRE machines in the UK with several larger projects being finalised in early 2014

One of the largest machines sold is for a premier leather case manufacture in London who has purchased a SM-360-TA machine with several cutting systems attached



The recent IFAI exhibition in Orlando Florida is proving to be huge success with over 7 machines sold from the show.

The SMRE Stand was one of the largest on show and they featured cutting tables, hot air welding machines, sewing lines.

You can see more information on machinery under manufactures or please visit the SMRE web site www.smre.it



We have installed one of the largest Medical lines we have sold in the UK.  The machine was specially built for one of our major companies with many unique features.

We have previously sold other large machinery lines to this customer with further machine sales pending

The GEAF machines are built to the highest standard with inovative design. 

If you have a project your would like assistance we will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

We supply the complete solution for your requirements from design of machinery and tooling to sorcing materials and a full aftersales package


The FESPA 2013 show is proving to be a huge success, with sales of machiery and customer enquiries.

The machines we had on show allowed the visitors to see the quality of build of the SMRE machinery.

We have already sold machinery with further machine sales pending.

If you have an interest in any of the machinery or services we supply please do not hesitate to contact our sales department. 


FESPA 25th-29th June 2013

RHPT and SMRE will be exhibiting at the upcoming FESPA show in June.



We will have a 66 mtr stand with hot air welders and cutting tables

The stand will be in the north area No P30N

FESPA 2013: North Hall


We will have sales and technical staff from both companies to assist with machinery demonstrations and customer enquiries


 For more information please call our sales department on                            00 44 1274 306060 or e-mail sales@rhplastics.com




 We will be at:-

Techtextil (Frankfurt 11-13 June)

FESPA (25-29 June)

R+T Turkey (Istanbul 7-10 November)

Made expo (Milan 2-5 october)

Ifai (Orlando 22-25 October)


Interested in attending the exhibitions? Please contact our sales department for more information 0044 1274 306060



 K 2013

You can meet us in Düsserdorf - Germany
Hall 11 - Stand H42



You can meet us at COMPAMED 2013
from the 20th to 22th of November 2013
in Düsserdorf - Germany
Hall ... - Stand ... (To be confirmed)










The machine is deisigned for cutting a selection of materials and is compact and easy to use

 For more information please contact our sales department 00 44 1274 306060 



We can now supply a low  cost  range of equipment for the STATIONERY industry, including  gluing, turning over machinery.

 The range is deisgned to be simple and efficient as well as cost effective

We will be adding the machinery to our web site in the next few weeks

For more information contact our sales department 00 44 1274 306060




WE can now supply impulse welders from 50mm to 5000mm long welding bars.

 The price of the range starts from £2950

The machines can have top and bottom heating bars and are built to a very high standard


Contact our sales to find out more information 0044 1274 306060


NEW GEAF HF welding machine available

We have available ex-stock several Geaf machines




 Twin shuttle 20kw model KSI             Twin shuttle rear view



Rotary 4 station GMA-D model



 Sunvisor machine model SEI



 Tarpaulin 15kw model STR with 4mtr table (2nd user)


 All of the above machines are available for delivery after trials and agreed purchase agreements. Please contact our sales on 00 44 1274 306060


You can see more information on the machine on our 2nd user rotary and shutlle pages



SMRE sales increase

We have increased sales of SMRE machinery in the UK with the sale of


Water Jet machines


Sewing in-line machines


Cutting tables


Hot air welders


You can see more information on our web site as well as the SMRE web site www.smre.it

MoreRH Plastics Technology and SMRE will be exhibiting at the BBSA showcase 7-9 October stand number 35.


We will be exhibiting a selection of SMRE machines along with full operation of the machine on our stand.


If you are interested in receiving more information, or, you would like tickets for the show, please contact our sales department 00 44 1274 306060




GEAF are exhibiting at the Milan PLAST 2012 Dates 8-12/05/2012

Their stand number will be Hall 13  stand C34

They have on  show a specialised rotary machine designed for quick tool changes

Please check www.plastonline.org for further details on the exhibition

Alternatively please contact RHPT


We have received increased enquiries for Geaf equipment.  The types of machines customers have enquired range from Large medical lines to small footwelders.

The Geaf company specialises in  many types of machines and are capable of building machinery to customer requirements ias well as supplying standard machinery.

If you have a project we will be more than happy to assist



We have received an order for a large medical line from a UK company. This is the third machine supplied to this company.

The installed machines are proving to be a great investment in respect of improved efficiency and reduced costs.

We have also seen a marked increase in enquiries for Geaf medical machinery over the last six months, especially in new business projects.







Over 20 machines were sold direct from the SMRE stand at the recent R & T show in Stuttgart. The SMRE stand was very busy for the majority of the exhibition and customers from all over the world visited the stand.

We also received many enquiries from the show with further potential orders in the pipeline.

We have also booked a stand at the BBSA show in Coventry in October, see details below for more information. We will be showing a selection of SMRE machines.


For More information contact our sales on 00 44 1274 306060

SMRE at the R + T Messe Stuttgart 2012


S.M.R.E. will be exhibiting its complete product range as well as some exciting new machines at their flagship booth during the R+T Messe (February 28 – March 3 in Stuttgart).

The machines that will be exhibited are:

  • SM-500-ZA System for the automated production of custom-sized retractable insect screens

Welding and gluing machines:

  • SM-210-SA Moving head line welder with hot air and Liquid Glue welding system
  • SM-215-SA Moving head line welder with hot air welding and automatic ZIP-welding kit
  • SM-370-TA Multiple tool automated flat bed cutting plotter with 3 blades, cutting laser, additional combined pressing bars for "breathing" fabrics
  • SM-400-TA Automatic orthogonal cutting table for ultrasound and electric (cold) cutting of technical fabrics with additional ultrasound cutting unit for length cuts

Sewing machine:

  • SM-100-CA automatic linear sewing machine with moving sewing head

New machines:

  • S.M.R.E. will be exhibiting in Hall 1 – Booth e32


We look forward to seeing you there!