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      We have a new ZD4N 4kw footwelder in stock the features of this machine are

The advvantage of this equipment is in the auto tuning of the power and being able to store and recall multiple tooling welding parameters. Once the tool welding parameter has been set the power is automatically controlled to the set parameter. This means that there will be no adjustments throught the day. On machinery without auto tuning the operator has to adjust the weld power and time due to the tool being cold in the morning and warming up as the welding continues. This can lead to weak welds due to lack of power or overwelding. The auto tuning keeps the set power the same throughout the day.Once the welding parameters have been set and stored these can be recalled at a later date.


If you have an interets in the machine please contact our sales department on 00 44 1274 306060 


ZD4N 4kw foot welder

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