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We have recently been on a business trip to Australia visiting several customers and suppliers and we can advise that we have received our first machinery order for this region. The machine is a 2nd user ZD4N auto tuned 4kw machine with impulse welding. We are also in discussions with several other companies in the region with projects for other machines.

We are also in discussions with a technical support company we visited in Sydney regarding localised technical support. The installation, technical and on line support will be supplied by our technical department until an agreement is made.

 ZD4N Foot welder 

We have supplied machinery and support to companies globally over the past 40 years with activity in the following areas:

USA: Machinery and technical support

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Technical support

MEXICO: Technical support

CANADA: Technical support

EUROPE: Machinery and technical support 

TURKEY: Machinery and technical support

SWEDEN: Machinery and technical support

IRELAND: Machinery and technical support

SOUTH AFRICA: Machinery and technical support

INDIA: Machinery and technical support

EGYPT: Macinery and technical support

TAIWAN: Technical; support

SAUDIA ARABIA: Machinery and technical support

UNITED ARAB EMMERATES: Technical support

INDONESIA: Machinery and technical support

NEW ZEALAND: Macinery and technical support

AUSTRALIA: Machinery and technical support

The range of machinery we supply covers many industries and both small and large companies have purchased simple machinery to complex multi head production lines.

We will be more than happy to discuss projects large and small with companies globally, no project is too small or too large


For further infformation contact our sales and technical departments +44 1274 306060


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