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Solar Edge in-line sewing machine SM-100-CA

We have recently sold several lines to UK and Ireland companies for the production of Awnings and Blinds. See below details on the machines:


The machine has the folowing features

Main Features

Technical Details

The SM-100-CA enables its operators to seam with uncompromising quality.
Whether you produce awnings, curtains, sails, covers in PVC-coated textiles, tarpaulins, banners or wind breaker barriers.

The SM-100-CA can be customized and equipped with all the accessories necessary to meet your production requirements to create highly-quality, durable products.

Easy-to-use and extremely fast, the SM-100-CA automatic linear sewing machine is the ultimate industrial sewing solution to streamline and increase your production line. Industrial sewing has never been this easy.

See videos of the machine





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