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DEPTA machine sales at an all time high

We have sold the DEPTA machinery to lots of companies in the past 6 months with a 5 machine order placed by Survitec Group, based in Birkenhead, 3M Group, CSP in Ireland, (12 machine orders they have placed) , Atomic energy company + many more

We have also ordered a further 5 machines to meet the demand for these fantastic machines

Please see below images of the machine with the operator touch screens




















                                                 Main operating screen                                                                                          Tool setting and storage screen   



                              Auto tuniing and power adjust screen                                                      Service screen for setting language plus other functions                                                     


The machines have many special features

DEPTA ZD4N foot welder

The machine is available but due to recent increase in sales, if you are interested please contact our sales department

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