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S.M.R.E. builds extra large SM-320-TA


 2014 – Umbertide

For Europe’s largest manufacturer of structures in flexible PVC S.M.R.E. Engineering developed an XXL version of the SM-320-TA Conveyor plotter.

As all SM-320-TA conveyors this machine distinguishes itself with its extremely solid steel structure and indestructible multiple layer conveyor belt, but instead of the standard usable length of 3.0 meters it has a length of 5.0 m (with usable width of 3.2 meters) thus greatly reducing the number of pulls necessary to cut very large patterns.

One of the customer’s requirements was that the new machine would cut significantly faster than the cutting machine (built by a major competitor supplier of cutting machines) that the customer was previously working with. Our team

increased the acceleration and top speed of the machine with 50%. Today SM-320-TA cuts at a top speed of 60 meters/minute making it up to 30% faster on straight lines and large curves and up to 6% faster on complex patterns compared to the machine the customer previously worked with.

SM-320-TA XXL installs a rotary cutting blade for very fast straight cuts and curves, a fixed blade (or drag knife) for complex shapes, and a high speed punching tool to drill holes of 1.5, 2 and 10 mm, as well as the standard marking pen and laser pointer for the dynamic zero point. Instead of the standard motorized unwinding system for single jumbo rolls the machine features a motorized unwinding system that simultaneously holds 2 rolls with digitally controlled dancer and automatic correction of the roll position ("edge control").

Click here for a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNfVn2uY5U4

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