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R H Plastics Technology has won in our 2016 UK Cor

R H Plastics Technology has won in our 2016 UK Corporate Excellence Awards 

Followingmonths of research and judging by our in-house research team, we’re delightedto announce that R H Plastics Technology has been named a winner in Wealth& Finance International’s UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2016.

The‘2016 UK Corporate Excellence’ awards were launched to acknowledge thesuccesses and continued brilliance of companies of all sizes. Whether singleoffice firms, or the largest of international conglomerates, we recognise thework that often happens behind the scenes and away from the public eye.

Weaim to showcase the leading corporations within the UK. The Brexit has set themarket into a state of panic, stock prices have come tumbling down and themarket is more volatile than ever. This awards program is here to shine a lighton corporate leaders and highlight the best in business; companies that areadapting to market demands, utilising new technology, showing innovation,expertise and professional acumen across the areas in which they practice. R HPlastics Technology has been recognised as one such company.


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