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In-line sheeters

This is a technologically advanced machine, higly productive; It is composed with a crimping system that is suitable for materials with varying characteristics such as: thickness, weight, flexibility and number of layers. TTL7 longitudinal and transversal cutter is the ideal machine for handling wide web widths or long lenght sheets, moreover it is complete with a automatic stacking table device that permit to obtain finished pallet to be pack.

TTL-7 Data Sheet

Material to be cut


Material width

1200 ÷ 2000 mm

Longitudinal slitting

Automatic or manual positioning

Stacking lenght max.

min. 300  ÷ max. 1500 mm

Stacking type

Automatic by mean of hydraulic stacking table

Mechanical speed

about 60 mt max.

Production speed

About 80 cuts/min. for 300 mm sheet length (± 0.4 mm) 


About 80 cuts/min. for 500 mm sheet lenght (± 0.4 mm)


About 45 cuts/min. for 1000 mm sheet lenght (± 0.4 mm)


About 40 cuts/min. for 1200 mm sheet lenght (± 0.4 mm)


About 34 cuts/min. for 1500 mm sheet lenght (± 0.4 mm)