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Compact and essential laminator


Gaia is a compact and essential laminator designed for the operators of graphics and advertising industry. It can lay application tape, laminate, apply mounting film and perform mounting of images on panels up to 30 mm thickness. Being a simple machine, GAIA is equipped with touch-pad control and a sophisticated safety system. CE certified, the laminator is endowed with a photosensitive device that immediately stops the rotation of the rollers if something is detected by the cells. This system, managed by microprocessor, is tested at every pressure of the start button, to verify the real efficiency of it, for a further safety. Besides, this machine is provided with an emergency stop button. The speed rotation of the rollers is electronically adjusted with start switch control from console or foot pedal (for hand free operation). The tension of the film to be applied and of the release liner is controlled by two groups of separate clutches. The rolls of film can be changed in few seconds also because the support shaft is equipped with an automatic self-locking ring. The practical support stand on wheels completes the equipment of the laminator. Two interesting options are available for GAIA: the lower support for double sided adhesive and the heated upper roller. With the first one it is possible to apply at the same time the protective film and the double sided adhesive on the print, while the heated roller (30 - 40 - 50° C) allows to improve the quality of the finishing during the coldest months.

Data Sheet

Technical features
Working width 800 mm
Open space (nip) between rollers 30 mm
Rollers diameter 75 mm
Max. Speed 12 m/min
Working Height (on stand) 920 mm (without stand 220 mm)
Dimensions 1100 x 1200 x 450 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 70 Kg
Shipping Dimensions 1600 x 820 x 660 mm (W x H x D)
Shipping Weight 107 Kg
Power Supply 230 V 50 Hz 400 W