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High frequency welding drainage bag

Make: GEAF

GMA-D - 4 stations

High frequency welding press pneumatically operated
High frequency generator incorporated in the structure of the press
Turntable with 4 working stations and adjustable rotating speed
Liquid circulation refrigerating unit
1 off automatic loader
1 off automatic unloader
Control panel with PLC (remote service on request)
Push-button panel with touch screen

Data Sheet

Press maximum closing force:
2500 kg
Press electrode-holder plate dimension:
700x800 mm
Press working plate dimension:
700x800 mm
Turntable working stations dimension:
700x800 mm
Output power of the generator:
20 kW
Working frequency:
27.12 MHz ± 0.6%
Feeding voltage:
400 V - 3Ph+G - 50 Hz (other voltages on request)
Compressed air pressure:
0.6 Mpa
Produced item:
PVC drainage bags of 3000 ml with 1 tubes
Foreseen productivity:
1500 pieces/hour
(according to welding times and operator skills)