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KSI-Seats Covers
High frequency seat covers

Make: GEAF


High frequency welding press hydraulically operated
High frequency generator in separate cabinet
2 off automatic over posed trays
Hydraulic power pack
Liquid circulation refrigerating unit
Runner for the electrode holder upper plate extraction (on request)
Control panel with PLC (remote service on request)
Push-button panel with touch screen

Data Sheet

Press maximum closing force:
20000 kg
Press upper and down plate dimension:
800x1200 mm
Trays plate dimension:
900x1300 mm
Output power of the generator:
on request 20/30/45 kW
Working frequency:
27.12 MHz ± 0.6%
Feeding voltage:
400 V - 3Ph+G - 50 Hz (other voltages on request)
Compressed air pressure:
0.6 Mpa
Produced item:
cars seat covers
Foreseen productivity:
according to welding times and operator skills