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Flat-bed Laminator


Rollsroller Basic:
Standard: glass working bench (except for MDF version) and self-healing cutting mat; optional: illuminated working bench and media holder on the shorter side. 
Rollsroller Premium:
Standard: illuminated glass bench, media side-holder, self-healing cutting mat; optional: adjustable working height.
Rollsroller Traffic:
“C” shaped aluminum bench. Standard: media holder on shorter side; optional on both sides
Rollsroller is a professional laminator specially designed to enable easy and precise applications of foil and self-adhesive vinyl on a wide variety of materials (e.g. sheet metal, plastic, glass and banners). It is used as well for panels mounting and industrial applications. A simple and reliable system to increase productivity within the visual communication, digital printing and sign-making industry.
As a standard version, the machine consists of a table and a gliding beam with a pneumatically activated roller that is manually moved over the flatbed. The surface made on glass is covered with a self-healing cutting mat. The table is illuminated thanks to fluorescent tubes. Mobile extension tables can be supplied lengthening the work surface area of the applicator. The surface is therefore ideal for larger banners, flexible skins and signs. 
Each table matches the height of the RollsRoller work surface and continues the trough design down the side. This ensures banners and flexible skins can be accommodated.
‘Traffic’ is the Rollsroller version for road sing manufactures, that makes the work more ergonomic. It is equipped with a profiled bed, gliding beam with automatic roller height adjustment for materials up to 60 mm thick and media holder for bed end. Mobile extension tables can be supplied lengthening the work surface area of the applicator. The working area is made of aluminum sections vertically adjustable to fit the bent sheet metal to which the road sign will be applied.
It has been designed for the best performance and quality and to be ergonomic and easy to use. The rubber roller is very simple to move and allows bubble-free results. Thanks to its wheels it can be easily moved on the working area. Rollsroller is an excellent product, precise and safe, that will quickly pays for itself.

Data Sheet

Technical features
Working width 1400 mm
Rollers diameter 120 mm
Dimensions 4100 x 1600 x 1800 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 425 kg