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SM-100-CA (CA)
Automatic linear sewing machine with moving sewing

Make: SMRE

The SM-100-CA automatic linear sewing machines are the benchmark for industrial sewing of a wide range of fabrics and technical textiles using mobile sewing head technology. Unlike conventional sewing techniques, SM-100-CA machines require much less space and will significantly speed up production compared to traditional sewing units.


Thanks to the large number of machines manufactured for our customers over the years, S.M.R.E. has become an expert in the design and development of line sewing stations.

The SM-100-CA is an extremely efficient and reliable machine.


Versatility is another strong point of this machine. In fact, SM-100-CA can be used for joining and hemming fabrics, for the automatic insertion of reinforcing splines, for sewing reinforcements and for making side pockets of different sizes. The machine can therefore be applied in a wide range of industries and for a wide range of sewing jobs.


The anodized aluminum structure and stainless steel worktop ensure that this machine will maintain its characteristics in time, even when used intensively.


SM-100-CA is a super strong, very efficient, user-friendly machine, ideal for manufacturers who need to perform fast, high quality automatic line sewing for a wide range of fabrics and textiles.


Data Sheet

  • High speed automatic sewing with sewing head moving over the fixed fabric<
  • Significant reduction of production time
  • Only one operator needed, even when processing large sheets of fabric
  • Machine can easily manage large sheets of fabric up to a maximum length of 18.000 mm
  • Thanks to the moving head, the machine takes up relatively little space, even when sewing large sheets of fabric
  • System for easy changing of fabric guides
  • Structure made entirely of anodized aluminum with AISI 304 stainless steel covers for the parts in contact with the processed fabrics
  • High quality electronic components with worldwide warranty
  • Sewing of awnings, blinds, sun screens
  • Sewing of high tech curtains
  • Sewing of roman blinds
  • Sewing of fire retardant materials
  • Linear stitching of tensile structures, even of heavy materials
  • Sewing of all technical fabrics

SM-100-CA demo