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Fixed head welding machine

Make: SMRE

The SM-200-SA is a simple, but very efficient fabric bonding machine with fixed welding head. SM-200-SA is equipped with a choice of two different bonding technologies: Rotosonic (ultrasonic) bonding or Hot Air welding. In order to optimize the bonding or welding job, an easy and user-friendly touch screen shows a choice of working parameters such as welding speed, welding temperature, welding start and stop time, adjustable according to the material being processed.

 To facilitate the processing and movement large sheets of fabric, a customized extension table can be added to the worktop.


Installable bonding techniques (1 technique installable simultaneously):


Hot air welding head


The hot air welding technology is used to bond thermoplastics and coated fabrics such as PVC, PPL (polypropylene), PU (polyurethane), PE (polyethylene), screen (PVC coated fiber glass), see-through (crystal) PVC, and Soltis.


Hot air welding ensures extremely high quality bonding both in terms of strength, precision and aesthetics. As opposed to other technologies such as high frequency (HF) bonding, hot air welding does not produce any heat stress on the material, because it only affects those sides of the material that are welded together. This means that the outer part of the fabric is not affected by the heat in any way, and the natural physical properties remain intact, thus reducing “puckering” and unattractive marks.


According to the production requirements of the customer, S.M.R.E. manufactures customized guides and rollers, to ensure quality welding of overlap seams and lateral hems or pockets, with or without automatic insertion of a reinforcing tube.


Hot air welding also gives excellent results, both aesthetically and in strength, when used for welding (glue coated) zippers to fabric. S.M.R.E. has successfully tested welding of glue coated zippers to acrylic, PVC, screen, insect screen, polyester. Glue coated zippers can be welded to almost all technical fabrics used for awnings and blinds.


Welding head with rotosonic technology


Rotosonic (ultrasonic) welding is used for heat sensitive materials and is ideal for the bonding of non-woven textiles and high performance technical fabrics. Rotosonic technology does not need any additional heating element or glue to bond materials, since the traction wheels that pull the material are themselves the ultrasound inducing elements that generate the heat producing vibrations that cause the fabric to bond.


According to the production requirements of the end customer, S.M.R.E. manufactures customized guides and rollers to ensure high quality welding of overlap seams and lateral hems or pockets, with or without automatic insertion of a reinforcing tube.

Data Sheet

  • Easy to use
  • Simple, basic structure, no unnecessary gadgets
  • High reliability
  • Sturdy and strong for heavy duty welding and bonding
  • Competitive price, very high quality/price ratio
  • User-friendly touch screen display
  • High quality commercial electronics with worldwide warranty
  • Hot air welding of coated fabrics and thermoplastics like PVC, crystal (see-through) PVC, Soltis
  • Ultrasonic bonding of technical, non-woven fabrics
SM-200-SA Is available in the following dimensions: dvantages:
  • 600 mm welding arm
  • 1.000 mm welding arm