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Moving head line welder with hot air or liquid glu

Make: SMRE

The SM-215-SA hot air welding or Liquid Glue bonding system is a complete, very efficient system for bonding technical fabrics. The machine is a simplified version of its “big sister”, the SM-210-SA. This smaller model can be installed with a single bonding technology, either hot air or Liquid Glue. The SM-215-SA was created to meet the needs of many S.M.R.E. customers who were looking for a competitively priced, but highly effective instrument for continuous linear welding

The patented Intelligent Torque bonding technology guarantees superb quality welding of thermoplastics such as PVC, (see-through) crystal PVC, Soltis, and screen and gluing of technical fabrics such as acrylic and polyester. Thanks to the intelligent interaction between traction wheels and software, the processed fabric is under tension at all times during the welding or gluing cycle, resulting in super strong, perfectly straight and flat Hot Air or Liquid Glue welding lines.

With Intelligent Torque technology, the SM-215-SA is a superb solution for the linear bonding of technical fabrics, the undisputed benchmark for manufacturers who weld thermoplastics or glue technical textiles. The machine is widely used in the industry of tensile structure, shade sail, and tarpaulin manufacturing, and for the production of awnings and blinds.

Data Sheet

  • A choice between hot air or Liquid Glue bonding technology
  • Easy to use
  • One-man operated 
  • Simple, basic structure, no unnecessary gadgets 
  • User-friendly touch screen display
  • High reliability
  • Sturdy and strong for heavy duty and high precision welding
  • High quality/price ratio
  • High processing speed significantly reduces work times
  • Thanks to the mobile head technology, the machine takes up relatively little space, even when designed for large pieces
  • An automated system puts in place the right guide for the job
  • Structure made entirely of anodized aluminum with AISI 304 stainless steel for the parts in contact with the material
  • Superb flat and clean bonding seams thanks to the patented Intelligent Torque system
  • Bonds extruded plastic profiles onto PVC
  • Bonds zippers to technical fabrics with great speed and precision
  • Can work large pieces of fabric up to a max. length of 18.000 mm
  • Glue seams that last significantly longer that conventionally stitched seams
  • Superb bonding performance on transparent materials such as crystal PVC
  • High quality commercial electronics with worldwide warranty 
This machine can:
  • Weld or glue lateral hems
  • Weld or glue overlaps
  • Weld side pockets with automatic insertion of plastic tube
  • Weld reinforcing ribs
  • Weld zippers onto the side of the fabric
  • Welding or gluing of awnings, blinds
  • Welding or gluing of high-tech curtains
  • Welding PVC crystal covers
  • Welding PVC gazebos
  • Welding tension structures, shade sails, tarpaulins, PVC covers
  • Welding plastic profiles onto fabric