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Unwinding, hot air welding and square cutting syst

Make: SMRE

SM-321-HA is a high performance unwinding, welding and square cutting system that automatically carries out the following functions:
Unwinding of the PVC sheet – loaded onto a transportation trolley – off of the roll
Square cutting with pentagonal electric blade
While the sheet is pulled through the machine 5 or more hot air welding heads – the distance of which is manually regulated on the machine bridge – hot air weld a reinforcing strip, an anti-vandalism strip or an omega profile to the fabric. The operator can choose the number of hot air welding heads that are to be employed. The maximum number of installable welding heads is 7.
At set intervals, another hot air welding head welds a transversal reinforcing strip.
Once the sheet is at the desired length, an electric cutting blade square cuts the fabric off of the roll.
On the other side of the cutting bridge the fabric is deposited into a trough.
SM-321-HA is supplied with a fabric handling trolley which makes the movement of the heavy rolls through the production plant light and easy. The trolley – with a strong structure in aluminum and stainless steel – can be easily connected to the unwinding / welding / square cutting system. The PVC sheet is then processed directly off the roll.

When unwinding the PVC off the roll, an electronic light cell will automatically check the position of the PVC sheet. If the sheet is not perfectly aligned, the trolley on which the roll is loaded will automatically move left or right to correct the positioning of the roll and make sure the cutting is done in perfectly straight lines.

Data Sheet

  • Highly competitive price for a machine that does all the square cuts and strip welding
  • A user-friendly trolley makes handling of extra large rolls extremely easy
  • Extremely reduced dimensions for the welding very large square shapes
  • High precision thanks to the electronic cell and automatic correction of the roll position
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Super strong structure in aluminum and steel without any unnecessary gadgets