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SM-330-TA conveyor plotter cutter

Make: SMRE

Unlike other machines available on the market, designed for cutting jobs in other industries, SM-330-TA was specifically developed to process heavy rolls of PVC. All its features – tools, accessories and software solutions – are built just for that: to cut and mark PVC with speed and great precision.

 SM-330-TA simultaneously installs up to three cutting tools: a drag knife for high precision cuts of complex patterns, and two rotary blades for very fast cuts of straight lines, curves and circles. The Easy Works Xtreme software manages which tool cuts which pattern, sets the key cutting parameters for each tool and calculates the most efficient cutting sequence to reduce cycle time to an absolute minimum

 SM-330-TA is driven by powerful brushless servomotors and integrated electronics on the X, Y, Z and W axes. Designed for high speed cutting the machine reaches top speeds of 80 meters/minute with an acceleration up to 1G (10 m/s²).