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SM-355-TA (CA)
Conveyorized system for the automated cutting

Make: SMRE

SM-355-TA is an industrial cutting machine with a simple construction, highly reliable, very fast and precise, for the automatic cutting of valances for awnings.
Even though the SM-355-TA has very limited dimensions, the conveyor belt on this machine is made of extremely sturdy, multiple-layer industrial fabric - the same indestructible belt that is used on our SM-320-TA conveyor machine for heavy duty PVC cutting. When used correctly, the belt can handle years and years of intensive production without needing to be replaced - ever.
The S.M.R.E. belt is composed of two heavy layers: one on which the blade works (the top layer), and a second layer (the lower layer) for support. The cutting tool will only affect the top layer. The second, lower layer will not be touched by the knife at all, making sure that the conveyor belt keeps its perfectly flat shape intact and not be subject to distortions, which is what happens with conventional, single-layer belts.
The combination of the layers give the S.M.R.E. conveyor belt an extremely long lifetime and guarantees great cutting precision. Belts that are intensively used look like new, even after years of heavy duty cutting.
The holes in the conveyor belt have a specifically studied pattern to make sure that the fabric, especially in the area where the valances are cut, is secured to the belt, and will not move, so that the precision of the cut is guaranteed.

The machine has very limited dimensions: 85 x 135 cm but thanks to the conveyor belt it can easily handle infinite cutting lengths. To save space, the vacuum turbine is installed underneath the machine.
The cutting tool installed on the SM-355-TA is an oscillating cutting knife, used in many other heavy duty S.M.R.E. machines. The oscillating knife will guarantee a fast and precise cut of valances in acrylic, polyester or PVC.
S.M.R.E. developed an easy to use software with preset valance shapes, that will make programming the machine very easy and efficient.

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   SM-355-TA is available in the following dimensions: