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Computerized multiple tool pantograph

Make: SMRE

SM-360-TA is a multiple tool pantograph designed to process a wide range of materials: from wood and leather, to plexiglas, forex, kapa-mount and cardboard. This high performance cutting, milling, marking and etching plotter can simultaneously install a number of tools in different combinations, thus overcoming a common problem in the graphics and sign making industry: the need to process a great number of materials with very different characteristics.

Among the tools that can be installed on this plotter are: drag knife, round blade knife, creasing head, motorized cutter, ultrasound cutter, oscillating cutter, CO2 laser cutter, galvanometric CO2 laser marker, milling head and a Hot-Melt gluing kit.

A perfect example of multiple tool installation is the combination of a cutting laser on one side of the working bridge, while a milling head is mounted on the other side of the bridge. While the machine laser cuts the plexiglas on one side of the table, the operator places a sheet of forex or wood on the other side. As soon as the SM-360-TA is done cutting the plexiglas, the operator activates the milling head and, while the machine does the milling job, unloads the plexiglas off of the other side of the working surface. Naturally, each side of the worktop will have a surface suitable for the installed tool. The work top is vacuumed to keep the processed material safely in place. Sectioning of the vacuumed surface is optional.

The computer that comes with the machine is not an average office PC, but a heavy duty industrial computer especially developed to be operated in industrial environments. The Easy Works Extreme Cad/Cam software dedicated to this machine makes the operating of the SM-360-TA easy and very efficient. In addition to the Easy Works Xtreme program the operator can select countless working options, like an automatic “nesting” program that fits the various cutting shapes on the work top, optimizes the cutting sequence and greatly reduces discards. The machines also features a powerful calculation module called the “split box” that can manage and break down very large shapes into smaller, “workable” pieces. The S.M.R.E. software is compatible with all current Cad/Cam programs available on the market and can import and manage files written in DXF and EPS formats. Drawing can be done directly on the computer that comes with the machine. Alternatively drawings can be uploaded from the company database or from a simple flash memory stick. Easy Works Xtreme will calculate the optimal cutting track, to make sure the machine cuts as fast and precise as possible. Even very complex shapes are not a problem. 

Data Sheet

  • Extremely simple, user-friendly control panel
  • Highly reliable, very sturdy industrial components
  • Thoroughly tested, fully guaranteed industrial computer
  • Super strong steel racks, rack transmission with gapless helical teeth.
  • Sturdy but lightweight aluminum structure
  • High quality commercial electronics with worldwide warranty
  • Brushless servomotor drives controlled by industrial CNC with ISO programming
  • Simultaneous installation of multiple cutting and marking tools: no need to change tools in between jobs, the right tool for the processed materials is always on hand
  • Dynamic cutting frame: the zero-point - the point where the machine starts to cut - can be decided manually or through the computer
  • High quality/price ratio
  • Fast, precise cutting of a great number of different fabrics
  • Vacuum suctioned worktop ensures high quality precision cutting
  • Specially designed software makes production easy, fast and extremely effective
  • Motor-driven, controlled and interpolated Z axis
  • A single machine to work a wide range of materials with very different characteristics
  • Cutting optimizer greatly increases productivity
  • Automatic management to compensate for tool radius
  • Laser with tracking function (optimizing power according to the shape that needs to be cut)
  • Specially designed software makes production easy and extremely effective
  • “Digi-View” cutting system to ensure automatic recognition of the cutting reference marks
SM-360-TA has a modular structure and is available in the following dimensions:
  • 2.000 (cutting bridge, moving along the y-axis) x 1.500 mm usable cutting surface
  • 2.000 (cutting bridge, moving along the x-axis) x 3.000 mm usable cutting surface