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Automated cutting plotter with multiple tool

Make: SMRE

The SM-380-TA is a very sturdy machine of reduced dimensions. For this plotter S.M.R.E. developed HTCH – “Hi-Tech Cutting Head” – an extremely compact and efficient tool head that enables the simultaneous installation on the working bridge of numerous cutting and marking instruments – oscillating knife, milling head, fixed (drag knife), round blade knife, V-cut blade, punching tool, creasing head, pen marker, camera for cross recognizing (Digi-View) – for the processing of a great variety of different materials. With the HTCH installed on the cutting bridge SM-380-TA can simultaneously install up to 6 tools:

2 tangential tools: a choice between fixed (drag) knife, round blade knife, V-cut blade, punching tool, or creasing head

  • 1 “pen” marker
  • 1 motorized tool: a choice between milling head and oscillating knifev
  • 1 red laser pointer to determine the dynamic zero-point
  • 1 camera for cross-recognizing (Digi-View)

The table can also function as a laser cutting and etching table with a choice of 25W, 50W, 100W, 200W or 400W cutting and marking lasers. Alternatively, the SM-380-TA can install a powerful electric milling head (2,2 kW, 18.000-24.000 rpm).

The big advantage of the SM-380-TA is that this plotter is very competitive, both in purchase price, in operating costs, and in performance.

The transmission on the X, Y, and Z axis is done by a highly efficient recirculating ball screw mechanism. The machine features 4 powerful servo motors with integrated electronics on the X, Y, Z and W axis. Naturally, the working top is vacuumed, to keep the processed material firmly in place.


The Easy Works Extreme Cad/Cam software dedicated to this machine makes the operating of the SM-380-TA easy and very efficient. The S.M.R.E. software is compatible with all current Cad/Cam programs available on the market and can import and manage files written in DXF and EPS formats. For 3D milling, S.M.R.E. offers the specialist software ArtCam 3D. Also available is the Digi-View software (combined with camera) for automatic cross-recognizing.

Although this plotter was specifically developed for the industry of visual marketing and graphic design and that of leather processing, its extreme versatility makes it the ideal solution for any manufacturer that processes a great number of different materials, or for smaller businesses looking for a hi-performance plotter at a competitive price.



Data Sheet

  • Extremely simple, user-friendly control panel
  • Highly reliable, very sturdy industrial components
  • Strong but lightweight aluminum structure
  • High quality commercial electronics with worldwide warranty
  • 4 high performance servo motors
  • “Hi-Tech Cutting Head” (HTCH) allows simultaneous installation of multiple cutting and marking tools: no need to change tools between jobs, the right tools for the processed materials are always on hand
  • Very high quality/price ratio
  • Fast, precise processing of a great number of different materials
  • Vacuum suctioned worktop
  • Very compact dimensions both of machine and of the cutting head
  • Specially designed software makes production easy and extremely effective
SM-380-TA is available in the following dimensions:
  • 1.250 (cutting bridge) x 900 mm
  • 2.000 (cutting bridge) x 1.500 mm