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Manually operated orthogonal cutting table for ult

Make: SMRE

The SM-420-TA was designed to cut a wide range of technical fabrics with ultrasonic technology or with an electric rotary cutter with pentagonal blade.The fabric roll that needs to be cut is positioned on a cradle at the head of the table and is manually spread on the table top by the operator. A pneumatically operated measuring bar digitally indicates the length of the fabric. Alternatively, the table can be fitted with a manually operated measuring bar that is moved across the length of the table. Once the fabric is spread on the table surface, a pneumatic pressing bar comes down at the top and at bottom of the fabric, keeping it securely fixed to the table surface. At the push of a button, an orthogonal ultrasonic cutter or a electric rotary cutter automatically square cuts the fabric off the roll. Once the fabric has been cut off the roll, the same operation can be performed to custom-size and square the piece on the opposite side.

The cutting speed and the working pressure of the ultrasonic cutting device can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the fabric that needs to be processed.


This machine is particularly suited to cutting synthetic fabrics like polyester, acrylic, PVC, screen, Soltis or mesh. Although it can be used in numerous production sectors, SM-420-TA machine is most widely used in the production of awnings, blinds and sun screens.


The ultrasonic cutter is ideal for cutting acrylics and polyesters, as the heat generated by the ultrasonic vibrations will automatically sear the edge of the fabric, thus preventing it from fraying. The electric cutter is the perfect solution for fast mechanical square cuts off the roll.


This manually operated cutting table is the ideal solution for manufacturers looking for a user-friendly machine, very competitive in price, but with excellent performance. 

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  • Very simple, sturdy construction
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Double cutting technology: ultrasonic and mechanical
  • Pneumatically operated bar with digital fabric length measurement
  • Modular dimensions
  • Highly competitive price, excellent price/quality ratio
  • Extremely limited operating costs
  • Negligible maintenance costs: because the machine is so sturdy and simple, it will go on forever
  • Very easy to install and to operate
  • High quality commercial electronics and components with worldwide warranty
This machine can perform:
  • Ultrasonic orthogonal cuts
  • Mechanical orthogonal cuts with a pentagonal blade electric cutter
SM-420-TA has a modular structure and is available in the following dimensions:
  • Basic machine usable cutting length 2.500 x 4.000 mm
  • Basic machine usable cutting length 3.500 x 4.000 mm

For every width, extension modules with a length of 2.000 mm are available to make the machine as long as required.