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Custom Multiple Roll Bonding

Make: SMRE

S.M.R.E. has seen a trend in end customers requiring an integrated multiple roll fabric bonding and cutting solution in a continuous flow. S.M.R.E. has extensive knowledge of bonding and of cutting technologies. With the SM-450-SA systems the challenge was to integrate both technologies in a high speed, continuous production process.

The first machine was developed for a European company, renowned manufacturer of quality pool covers in various plastics and non-woven fabrics. In little over 4 months S.M.R.E. designed, built and installed a high speed, continuous welding and cutting machine with an extremely high output of pool covers in various, symmetrical shapes, ranging from very large ellipses, to circles, squares and rectangles, even “peanut” shapes.

The machine integrates three powerful motorized unwinding systems that continuously check that the fabric is being fed correctly into the machine and, if necessary, automatically correct the position of the roll; a conveyor cutting machine with a twin conveyor belt; two hot air welding heads that transform up to three separate rolls into one single sheet; twin CO2 lasers to cut the newly formed sheets of fabric as it passes on the cutting frame. The last part of the machine is a motorized rewinding station. With a total width of almost 8 meters, this station is able to rewind the XXL sheets of bubble wrap and non-woven fabric created by the hot air joining of the individual rolls at the head of the machine.

SM-450-SA is available in two versions: as a static table, with a travelling grip-and-pull system for fabric transport when the end products are of a limited length, or with a conveyor belt, for end products of unlimited dimensions.

Since installing the first machine S.M.R.E. has developed the integration of multiple technologies to perfection and is now able to offer custom made solutions to bond and or cut multiple rolls of technical and industrial fabrics with hot air bonding technology, a wide range of cutting solutions, ranging from cold blades to laser cutting. The option to integrate a conveyor belt makes the machine suitable for the production of end products with infinite length. 

Data Sheet

  • Very high price quality ratio.
  • We use only the best electronic and electro-mechanical components, from renowned, first class manufacturers, freely available on the market, at competitive market prices.
  • We guarantee a worldwide warranty on all parts and components used in our machines.
  • Components purchased from third party suppliers have to pass a series of scrupulous quality tests before being installed in our machines.
  • S.M.R.E. machines are 100% designed, developed, constructed, and assembled in our plant near Perugia, Italy.
  • No machine leaves our plant before being thoroughly tested. Only after a series of intensive simulations of our customers’ actual production cycle, whereby we use the fabrics and materials our customers use for their production, are the machines dismantled and shipped to the customer.
  • SM-450-SA can be fully custom made according to your production requirements.
  • SM-450-SA can be equipped with standard or customized tools and accessories, to satisfy your every production need.
  • The machine can simultaneously install multiple welding and cutting tools.
  • The machine has an extremely sturdy, heavy duty steel structure for the processing of heavy rolls.
  • Motion is created by brushless servomotors running on super strong steel racks and controlled by industrial CNC with ISO programming.
  • The machine has a reduced footprint but can produce shapes of infinite length.
  • Specifically developed software makes production simple and efficient.