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Automated fabric roll warehouse

Make: SMRE

S.M.R.E. developed SM-750-MG - a new fabric handling solution for jumbo and super jumbo PVC rolls.
SM-750-MA is a jumbo roll warehouse with a structure in heavy duty varnished steel in which 20 massive steel wheels move two 30 meter steel chains. The SM-750-MA warehouse can contain up to 36 rolls of 1.000 kg each. The maximum length of the rolls is 3,2 meter with a maximum outer diameter of 600 mm.

A user-friendly touch screen assists the operator in choosing the roll that is to be brought forward. Two bi-directional motors choose the shortest way towards the roll exit. Here the roll is loaded onto a specially designed, easy-to-handle trolley.


SM-750-MA is supplied with a fabric handling trolley with a strong structure in steel and aluminum. Loading and unloading of the rolls from the trolley into the warehouse and vice versa is done fully automatically with an ingenious hooking and unhooking system and can be done either from the front gate or the back gate of the warehouse structure. The trolley makes the movement of the heavy rolls through the production plant light and easy.

For maximum safety S.M.R.E. installed security gates on both sides of the warehouse which are opened during loading or unloading procedure, and securely closed during when the rolls are in motion.


SM-750-MG has a total volume of 160 m³ but thanks to its modular structure the warehouse can be custom made according to the end customer specific requirements. Dimensions of the structure, number, weight and dimensions of the rolls, number of loading and unloading gates and installed software can be designed specifically for every individual customer.

With SM-750-MG S.M.R.E. Engineering has created yet another solution for manufacturers of PVC containing end products like tension structures, shade sails, tarpaulins and banners.


Even though the warehouse was originally built for heavy PVC rolls, SM-750-MG is a very efficient fabric handling solution for any other fabrics and rolls of other dimensions as well. SM-750-MG can be fully custom made according to any manufacturer’s needs. 

Data Sheet

  • Easy and safe handling of a large number of extremely heavy rolls up to 1.000 kg in a very compact space
  • Super strong steel structure and moving mechanisms for heavy duty PVC fabric handling
  • A user-friendly touch screen helps operator bring forward the needed roll
  • Bi-directional motors bring the needed roll to the nearest exit gate by automatically choosing the shortest way
  • A user-friendly trolley makes handling of XXL fabric rolls extremely easy
  • Thanks to its modular structure SM-750-MG can be custom made according to the end customer specific requirements