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Water jet with pure water technology

Make: SMRE

The SM-800-WJ is a plotter for the automated 2D cutting of a wide range of materials with water jet technology.

SM-800-WJ has a very strong structure in steel, designed for heavy duty cutting jobs. Transmissions are in stainless steel racks with gapless helical teeth for optimal speed and control. The machine has 4 brushless motors: 2 on the X-axis, 1 on the Y-axis, 1 on the Z-axis. S.M.R.E. uses only the best industrial components to construct its machines. These components are freely available on the market.


Another important advantage of the SM-800-WJ is that the work top is freely accessible. Instead of having to open, close and re-open the work area in between cutting jobs, the operator has immediate access to the work top, making it very easy and comfortable to place the materials and remove them after cutting.

S.M.R.E. water jets have a dynamic cutting frame: the zero-point – the point where the machine starts to cut – can be decided manually or through the computer. The machine starts to cut wherever the operator decides to.

The water jet beam, the diameter of which is just a fraction of a millimeter, can perform extremely precise, complex geometrics on materials that do not lend themselves for cutting with conventional tools. SM-800-WJ will cut a wide range of materials with infinite precision.


The revolutionary element of this plotter compared to other water jets available on the market is that SM-800-WJ cuts relatively dry: the worktop itself remains almost dry, and the high speed and extreme precision of the micro jet ensure that the material itself will hardly remain moist after cutting.


The computer that comes with the machine is not your average PC, but a very strong industrial computer, especially built for heavy duty industrial production. S.M.R.E. developed a special Cad/Cam program for 2D cutting for the machines: Easy Works Xtreme. This software makes drawing of even very complex shapes extremely easy. Drawing can be done directly on the computer that comes with the machine. Alternatively drawings can be uploaded from the company database or from a simple flash memory stick. Easy Works Xtreme helps the operator choose the correct cutting speed and pressure and calculates the optimal cutting track, to make sure the machine cuts as fast and precise as possible. Even very complex shapes are not a problem.


In case a multitude of smaller shapes need to be cut, a special “nesting” program calculates the optimal way to fit the shapes on top of the work top and cut as many pieces out of the material as possible. The “nesting” module fits the shapes like a puzzle, reducing discards to a minimum.


S.M.R.E. water jets make the even the toughest cutting job easy. It is hands free processing: the operator pushes the button and the machine starts to work. Until the cutting patterns are done, the operator has his free for other jobs.


S.M.R.E. has introduced the possibility of 3D waterjet cutting. With a cutting head moving along 5 axes – X (width of the plotter), Y (length), Z (distance from the cutting surface), W (rotation around its axis) and inclination of the cutting head – SM-800-WJ can even cut complex shapes in 3D. 

Data Sheet

  • Extremely simple, user-friendly control panel
  • Highly reliable, very sturdy industrial components
  • Thoroughly tested, fully guaranteed industrial computer
  • Super strong steel racks
  • High quality commercial electronics with worldwide warranty
  • Brushless servomotor drives controlled by industrial CNC with ISO programming
  • Worktop fit with (optional) vacuum system to eliminate cutting fumes
  • With a single machine it is possible to work materials with a wide range of characteristics
  • Several cutting heads can be installed for simultaneous cutting
  • Software automatically calculates compensation for tool radius
  • Open work area ensures a practical, easy loading and unloading of the processed materials
  • High precision work
  • Dynamic cutting frame: the zero-point - the point where the machine starts to cut - can be decided manually or through the computer
  • Specially developed Cad/Cam software makes production easy, fast and extremely efficient
  • Limited operating and maintenance costs
  • Optional 3D cutting
This machine can cut:
  • Rubbers and similar products
  • Expanded materials and foams
  • Carpets
  • High-tech fabrics
  • Compact felts
  • Sealing materials
  • Composite materials
  • Leathers
  • Foodstuffs
SM-800-WJ is available two standard dimensions:
  • 2.000 (cutting bridge) x 1.500 mm usable cutting frame
  • 2.000 (cutting bridge) x 3.000 mm usable cutting frame