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Heat Press for dye-sublimation


Sublimax is a Hot Oil Press for dye-sublimation suitable to:
- the heat transferring of images from sublimation paper in “roll to roll” mode
- the heat transferring of images from sublimation paper in “single piece” mode
- the fixation of sublimation inks already printed on fabric
In the first two cases, to get a definition higher than the one you would get printing directly on fabric, you can use a print made on sublimation paper. The first mode can be employed for high productions using material in rolls, while in the second mode you use single pieces to work with more flexibility.
The machine enables you to fix images already printed on fabric through a process called reactivation: the pigments of colours already printed on fabric with different technologies are fixed at high temperatures getting a uniform result and vibrant colours.

Data Sheet

Technical features
Overall dimensions: 2750 x 1650 x 1400 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 1100 kg
Working Height: 1000 mm
Working width: 1700 mm
Max. Temperature: 220° C
Speed: up to 2 m/min – other upon request
Power Consumption: 10 KW
Power Supply: 400 V – 3 Ph – 50/60 Kz / 3 P + N + PE
Compressed Air Supply required: 6 bar
Machinery manufactured in accordance with CE Regulations