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Quick and precise Roll Cutting


Rotating-blade machine to cut rapidly and precisely many kind of materials wound up in roll: self-adhesive PVC for decoration, application tape, double-sided adhesives, media for digital prints, textiles, retro-reflective sheeting and many others will be cut safely and with great precision.
Practicality and safety are the main features of Tesis. The machine is provided with a convenient system that allows the operator to easily load and unload the roll to be cut. The operator doesn’t hold up the weight of the roll during this operation. The roll is locked onto the spindle with a pneumatic system, pushing a simple button. The roll is tightly joined to the rotating shaft from the inside, so that it doesn’t damage the film.
The shaft that supports the roll is made of aluminium and covered with a replaceable sleeve when damaged. The rotating blade is completely covered with a safety protection that releases the blade as far as the blade gets close to the roll to be cut. The blade can be lubricated with a proper nebulizer to prevent the glue of the rolls to stick on it. The nebulizer is controlled by a push button on the cut handle.
The cutting unit position can easily be modified using a knob that rotates and engages on a rack. This rotation allows a precise positioning.
Another feature to point out is the quick replacement of the standard 3 inches spindle (75 mm). Tesis is designed to work also with shafts and spindles of 25, 50 and 57 mm. They also need just a few seconds to be replaced. Tesis has been manufactured according to the most recent CE Standards. It will be a useful and practical help in your working process.

Data Sheet

Technical features
Working width 5100 mm
Cutting unit with complete blade protection with progressive opening (mod. 3300, 1 cutting head; mod. 5100, 2 cutting heads)
Standard configuration max. cutting diameter: 230 mm (Option: Ø 320 mm including pneumatically operated protection) 
Standard roll shaft (76 mm) with replaceable sleeves; option: different diameter shafts  
Pneumatic closing of metal spindle with expansion tabs
Adjustable support for shaft / roll during cutting
Electronic adjustment of cutting and rewinding speed (from 0 to 180 rpm)
Mobile control unit with digital Control Panel
Pedal start control for rewinding (only with Tesis R)
Digital display of cutting width and rewinding length
Easy loading system for heavy rolls
Blade lubrication system with push button on the handle of the cutting assembly
Separate rewinder to rewind master roll on TESIS-R models
Power supply 3PH  400V  50Hz  -  Max. consumption 2200 W

TESIS Roll Cutting