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R-LC OFF-LINE is a slitter / rewinder for cutting and rewinding material as woven-non-woven and paper.
The mentioned machine is complete with a double slitting unit, a longitudinal one with knife and bottom knife and a cross cut one for tear off, particularly used for blotting paper rolls for domestic and industrial usage.
One of the main advantage of TR-LC OFF-LINE is the completely electronic control of the pitch of perforating cross cut which allows to have the sheet required on the product without any restriction.
Thanks to the five motors of the machine and to a complex operational software, though easy to use for the operator with intuitive graphic, the mentioned machine can grant working flexibility in particular in case of frequent processing changes.
The machine can have both a manual loading system of the rewinding shafts or a complete automatic system for higher production need. 
The unloading of rewound rolls takes place on a double rolls station where the same rolls are taken off from the shaft automatically.

Data Sheet

Material: woven non woven
Weight: 40 – 180 g/m2
Mother roll diameter: 1500 mm
Rewound rolls diameter: 600 mm
Longitudinal slitting: shear cut with pnematical knifeholders
Cross cut: through double blade perforating cylinder
Number of units: 24