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We have had an increased number of contracts for both new and existing companies. Many companies are looking to keep their existing machines instead of replacing them with new. This has led to an increase in after sales service requirements.

We offer a fully guaranteed service backup ranging from breakdown cover to the extended service we have supplied to our customers.

We will be more than happy to discuss any requirements you may have.


The addition of this scheme is a further example of the continued improvement in the operation of our services.

The accreditation to the scheme required a full assessment of our company procedures with emphasis on the ability of R.H.P.T. to support our customers to the required standards set by the scheme.

We are also accredited to TUV ISO 9001:2008, M.O.D. and B.N.F.L. schemes

PAUL BROADLEY 21 years service:

Paul Broadley has completed 21 years service at R.H.P.T. He started working for the company in 1997 as an apprentice service technician. He completed a 4 year apprentice in which he excelled both in practical and theory work.

He has continued to be an asset to the company

All of our staff have worked for R.H.P.T. for many years and I personally put great emphasis on loyalty and team effort

Well done Paul,

Robert Haxby


We have carried out training of customer staff both Technical and Operator for several of our customers. The training covers:-

The training we offer can be used to introduce new operators to the relevant machinery regulations, or, update existing operator, setter and technical department awareness on safety and correct set up and operation of High Frequency machinery.