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Our highly skilled support engineers cover the country, quite literally, from John O^Groats to Land^s End, and undertake delivery, installation, servicing, maintenance, repair and electromagnetic monitoring. All UK companies must now ensure the safe use of any equipment, machinery, appliances, apparatus and tools in compliance with an ever growing list of EU directives and regulations. The operation of machinery is one particular area where constant effort will now be required to ensure compliance with a whole range of directives, such as PUWER 1998, CEMFAW 2016 RF emmisions and with several of these stringent directives in view, we are introducing our:

Extended Engineering Contract

To date, our existing Engineering Service offering repair, maintenance, and emergency call out has met most needs but a more concentrated service is now required to ensure that employers, self employed operatives and supervisory staff are all working within all of the current EU regulations which apply not only to new machines but also to existing, second user and leased machines. Essentially our new contract will make one or more qualified technicians available on flexible on-site contracts ranging from several days up to several months.

Under one of our extended contracts our technicians would work full time on the shop floor. Initially they would run a series of tests including, if required, emission tests with our portable isotropic electric and magnetic field probes, and then undertake a programme of remedial engineering to ensure that all machines on site are working at maximum efficiency and conform to all the relevant regulations.

Our technicians would then establish procedures to make certain that the plant continued to operate efficiently beyond the term of the contract. Throughout the contract, our technicians would be fully supported by our local head office and genuine spares and consumables would be available at especially competitive rates from our extensive stores. To minimise downtime whilst machines are engineered to regulation standards, machines from our stocks of new and second user machines would be available on flexible term rentals.

Prior to any Extended Engineering Contract, we will offer a free survey to assess the situation and give some indication as to the length of the contract we think would be required.


Whilst the supply of new machines to the high frequency and thermo-contact industry was our initial specialism, we now supply many other types of machines including paper converting, case making, slitting and cross cutting, creasing, tabbing, pick and place units and robotic assembly.

As part of our on-going expansion, we are constantly looking at manufacturers of high quality machines with a view to adding them to our range.


We also offer a complete rebuilding and refurbishing service undertaken either at our site or in our workshop which is well equipped and stocked with spares to enable our engineers to carry out all types of work quickly and efficiently.

Second User

We buy and refurbish a wide variety of second-user machines including high-frequency welders, thermo-contact machines, pneumatic presses, foot welders, beam presses and more. Details of machines in stock can be obtained by calling our sales office in Shipley on +44 (0)1274 306060.

We are also offering graet deals on our second user machinery stock prices. For further details check out our stock list or e-mail your requirement.

We also rent machinery on short or long term rent. Typical rental period is three months. The rental costs range from £50-£250 per week depending on the machinery.

We also offer a special purchase option on the machinery on rent. If the machine is purchased at the end of the rental period, half of the rental paid will be put against the cost of the machine.

We offer delivery, installation and servicing of the machines through our service department. For further details please contact our sales office by phone, fax or e-mail reply form.